Rent a motorhome in Marbella with Panda Rental

Escape from the noise of the city and get to know places full of harmony and beauty, with the rental service of motorhomes in Marbella, that we offer you in our company Panda Rental, where you will find the opportunity to rent the ideal motorhome for your road trip. We are located in Estepona just 20 minutes from Marbella, where we have our collection of motorhomes, capuchins and profiled, manufactured by the major companies Benimar and Rimor. We are your best alternative in this municipality, to venture in search of new experiences that allow you to disconnect from the routine. Next, we tell you more about our company.

Why rent at Panda Rental?

  • We offer a very competitive cost, since in the course of the year we carry out special promotions on specific dates, from which you can benefit.
  • We offer discounts to those who need to rent a mobile home for periods of between 10 and 20 days.
  • Our vehicles have all the necessary equipment to undertake a comfortable, safe and pleasant trip.
  • We are interested in resolving all the concerns of our clients, for which we provide an online channel on our website, so that people interested in our service can request information quickly and easily and receive a timely response.
  • Our policies are fair and seek to protect both parties interested in the rental agreement.

We advise our clients so they can make the best decisions regarding routes and other travel details.

Catalog of Motorhomes Panda

Our vehicles have all the elements, accessories and essential equipment for a pleasant trip and stay inside, also have different distributions, which allows the customer to choose the most appropriate for the needs of your trip. Below, we will show you the main characteristics of our motorhomes models.

Kayak 7:

Rimor Kayak 7 - Motorhomes Marbella

Nasturtium type with a Renault engine, has 6 places inside to sleep and travel. It offers a bunk bed in the back of the motorhome, which is ideal for teenagers, a folding double bed that goes down from the dining area and a double bed that is on the driver's cabin, which has the function of going up and down , so that during the day passengers can climb it and thus generate more space inside the driver's compartment; In addition, the kitchen area has a spacious table to prepare food, next to the stove and the sink. The rolling has a height of 3,060 mm and a length of 6,812 mm.

Kayak 12 plus:

Rimor Kayak 12 Plus - Motorhomes Marbella

Profiled with a height of 2,900 mm and a length of 6,600 mm, it has a Renault engine. It has a French bed, an automatic folding bed and a bed that goes down from the ceiling of the dining area, which enables it to provide space for 6 passengers, is ideal for people over 50, because they must not climb stairs to access to the main bed. The bathroom is located right next to the main bedroom for more food. It has air conditioning in the driver's compartment, it has a bike rack and, like all our vehicles, it has its kitchen and refrigerator area.

Seal 5:

Rimor Seal 5 - Motorhomes Marbella

This is a very comfortable option because it offers 6 places to travel and sleep. It has 3 beds, the first located in the back of the vehicle, which is high and must access it by stairs, this height is because below is a large garage, ideal for travelers who want to take a motorcycle, surfboards or any other sports equipment to your vacations; the garage door is on the outside on one side of the caravan. The second bed is double folding and arms over the dining room, the third bed is enabled in the space of the nasturtium, just above the driver's cabin, the refrigerator is particularly large. It has a Fiat engine and measures 7,153 mm long and 3,050 mm high.

Seal 68 Plus:

Rimor Seal 68 Plus - Motorhomes Marbella

Motorhome profiled with measures 6,973 mm long x 2,900 mm high. It offers seats for 5 people, with the particularity that the master bedroom has a door that separates it from the rest of the areas for privacy, also inside this room, on both sides of the island bed are the closets and even inside the room is the bathroom, just in front of the bed, distributed in two compartments, one for the shower and one for the sink and toilet. Another one of the beds is folding double and low of the ceiling of the zone of the dining room, the last bed can be obtained using the table of the dining room.

Tessoro 463 Luxury:

Benimar Tessoro 463 Luxury - Motorhomes Marbella

With a Ford engine and capacity for 4 passengers, this motorhome measures 7.45 m long x 3.1 m high. Unlike all previous ones, this roller has twin beds in the master bedroom, which can be joined together to become a larger double bed than conventional, which can be accessed by means of steps; the other low bed from the dining room ceiling. The seats of the pilot and the co-pilot have the ability to rotate to be part of the seats of the dining room.

This vehicle is the only one that has climate control, which is a device that works to lower the temperature inside the roller, in order to provide a pleasant thermal sensation for travelers.

This mobile home recommended for a public under 60, because the two beds offered require climbing stairs.

Instructions for renting a motorhome

To rent a motohome in our company Panda Rental, you must first make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Be 26 years old.
  • Have a license to drive type B, with a minimum of two years of service.
  • Provide the landlord with a receipt for any household service that allows you to verify your address.
  • Providing the company with a record of their work, whether they are subject to a company or work on their own.
  • Have your identification document in force.

If you meet the requirements, proceed to perform the following steps

  • Make your budget query online, by filling in the form that we provide in this link: Budget form.
  • Read the documents that we show below, where you will learn about our rental conditions, the most frequent questions from customers and the clauses of our contract.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • After having consulted all your doubts with the landlord and having reached an agreement with which you feel comfortable, you must pay 30% of the rental cost to reserve the date on which you need to use the vehicle.     
  • The remainder of the total rental cost must be paid one week in advance of the agreed date for the delivery of the motorhome.
  • On the day of delivery of the vehicle, the customer must pay the deposit, sign the contract and also sign a report made by the lessor, where the status of the vehicle and the time of departure is indicated.
  • Some tips for traveling in a rental motorhome

    • Take some driving lessons:

    Driving a common car is very different to drive a motorhome, therefore, it is normal that you are not familiar with a vehicle with such large dimensions, therefore, it is best to take time to take some lessons. In our company Panda Motorhome, we offer our clients the opportunity to schedule an hour of training in advance with one of our advisors, where they will receive all the advice and recommendations on this subject and will know which are the most important aspects that should be considered when drive a mobile home.

    • Take advantage of the technology:

    Technology can be very useful in planning your motorhome trip, because there are currently several apps designed to make life easier for caravanners, here we will tell you about 3 very popular ones that you can take advantage of.

    • Waze:

    This app shows you everything that happens on the road, it lets you know the traffic situation, the streets where workers are working, shows you other route options to get to your destination on time, among other functions that will help you find always the safest way.

    • Campercontact:

    It allows you to search for campsites, parking lots and areas for motorhomes, using filters, such as country, region and prices. It offers detailed information about each place suitable for motorhomes, such as user assessment, costs, state of facilities, photographs, number of available plots, address, condemned, etc. This tool allows you to enter the largest database of the continent in terms of caravan sites.

    • Gasolineras de España:

    This app is essential if you are not going to leave Spain on your trip, as Gasolineras de España shows you a map of all the service stations that are in the national territory, showing you fuel prices in each station, so you can make a comparison and if it is of your interest you can look for the cheapest place to refuel, or simply the closest one.

    • El Tiempo:

    It is the leading application for weather forecasts in Spain. It gives you official information from the State Meteorological Agency, it shows you notices of phenomena like, strong winds and storms that will happen in the next few hours. It also informs you of important changes in the weather for the next day. This app is perfect to plan your vacation activities, because you can know in advance the weather situation and take preventive measures.

    • Know the legislation that supports you:

    The General Directorate of Traffic in Spain has established a regulation to enforce the duties and rights of the motorhomes that circulate in the national territory. Knowing these laws will help you avoid fines and also give you the knowledge you need to defend yourself from citizens who do not know these laws and in the midst of ignorance want to exclude you from the public road, incurring discrimination towards you. Said regulations rest on the following documents:

    • Avoid damage due to incorrect handling:

    A mobile home has various objects and accessories that are part of its equipment. Each of these elements fulfill a specific function and it is necessary to know their correct use to avoid damage due to improper handling. For this, the client must try to be informed by our advisors, about the care and use of each element, in order to avoid extra charges when returning the trailer.
    Within this point we can highlight the correct maintenance of the deposits, which correspond to the sewage, gray water, white water and fuel; consult your adviser on this subject so you can keep these deposits in good condition. On the other hand, windows and skylights require delicacy when opening them, because they have an insurance that people could forget and cause damage to them, by opening them incorrectly. Like these, there are other important aspects to take into account on the care of the mobile home, so try to consult all your doubts in our rental center before embarking on your trip.

    • Prioritizes safety during the night:

    In Alquileres Panda, we focus on security, both for passengers and vehicles, which is why we recommend staying overnight at private campsites. Currently, because roulotte trips have become a mega trend in the country, it is easy to find a campground in almost any city in Spain; but to evaluate costs, public opinions, facilities, among other aspects, we recommend using the Park4Nigh app, which provides a map with all the campsites in your area and gives you all those details.
    Among the variety that exist today, you can find good prices per night, and even most have promotions on special dates of the year; these places are usually very well equipped, they have surveillance and everything you need to meet your needs and those of the vehicle. Most show details of their services on their web pages and even offer the option to reserve a plot in advance, so that the client can avoid running out in high seasons.

    Marbella treasures a peculiar innate appeal

    Marbella is a municipality of Spain that belongs to the province of Malaga, has 140,744 inhabitants, according to the report of the INE made in 2016, which makes this municipality the eighth largest population of Andalusia.

    Its history tells the existence of a core of Roman population that was located where today is the old town, there are many remains that are scattered in the territory, which attest this part of the memory of the municipality. On the other hand, in the 10th century, the Islamic period took place, where the Muslims built various buildings, such as towers and beacons, where the Alcazaba and the Mosque stand out.

    When arriving the decade of 1950 Marbella happened to be seen like a perfect place for the leisure due to its great hotels and showy buildings. Between the old town and the sea, you can find the Paseo de la Alameda, where you can enjoy a small botanical garden, there is also a garden path with a collection of sculptures by Salvador Dalí, which belongs to Avenida del Mar; this passage communicates the old town with the beach.

    The Golden Mile, is also a place of interest in Marbella, because in that place you can see the most luxurious houses of the municipality, such as the palace of King Fahd and some of the most important hotel complexes. On the other hand, the Nueva Andalucía area is known for being a tourist boom, where the remains of the Roman Villa of Río Verde and the Colonia del Ángel stand out, which was formerly an ironworks and has now become an agricultural colony.

    Marbella also offers a wide variety of urban and semi-urban beaches, which generally have a moderate swell, with a golden and fine sand. These beaches are usually filled with people in the summer; among the most important we can mention the Playa de Artola, the beaches of Puerto Banús, Puente Romano and Las Chapas, these last two are the most popular in the municipality.

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